Kunal Singla

Computer Science Student

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Current undergraduate student actively working hands-on with autonomous underwater vehicles and integration of ROS. Pursuing a career in the Autonomous Vehicles industry with a specialization in computer vision and artificial neural networks. Can quickly adapt to new work environments and learn skills quickly and independently. Seeking a position for Summer 2022 as a software engineering intern.


Cruise LLC. - San Francisco HQ

ML Data Intern

  • Worked on the ML data management team that was responsible for managing large ML model datasets
  • Improved metadata storage system (used for quickly searching and accessing big data) by streamlining metadata interaction
  • Developed python APIs to facilitate migration of metadata store from BigQuery to new database solution
  • Developed tools to estimate long-term storage cost of BigQuery datasets
  • Developed tools to measure correlation between BigQuery datasets
  • Improved developer onboarding experience

Amazon - AWS Backup Service - Seattle HQ

AWS SDE Intern I

  • Developed an automated system that detects large amounts of invalid requests to EBS Direct APIs.
  • System logged metrics, stored activity data, and cut tickets to the team containing relevant information
  • System optimized ticket resolution for oncall and senior engineers by saving 1-3+ hours per ticket.
  • Presented design to senior engineers, where it was approved.
  • Deployed and demoed software to senior engineers in Alpha and Beta stages.

UCSD Triton Robosub

Software Team Lead

  • Software developer for underwater autonomous vehicles used for competition and research applications.
  • In the process of designing custom motor control libraries and PID controllers in Python.
  • Development of control system using ROS (Robot Operating System).
  • Developing decision making ROS node utilizing computer vision (YOLO model) and sensor feedback.
  • Wrote a sensor library and driver for a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) in both C++ and Python

NASA Artemis Project - Space Engineering Research Center

SDE Intern

  • Research and development of a position estimation algorithm to convert accelerometer data from IMU to position data with minimal drift.
  • Research and development of stabilization using LIDAR based range sensors for lunar vehicle.
  • Research on IR-camera based computer vision for lunar vehicle localization.
  • Simulation of lunar vehicle control system in Gazebo sim software.

FRC Robotics

Lead Software Engineer -> Technical Mentor

  • Main Role: managing a diverse team of 4 programmers of various skill levels.
  • Utilized state-machine to manage different robot configurations. Revamped closed-loop state-space control of differential drive system.
  • Implemented “Ramsete” autonomous path following in Java (positional error correction based on actual vs projected odometry)
  • Revamped computer vision code and added object detection using Python and OpenCV.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

SDE Intern

  • Worked in an Agile/Scrum environment.
  • Developed an IT Management tool to visualize data on VMs, storage clusters, and other services.
  • Developed front-end in React using custom and open-source components.
  • Developed back-end using Django API for pulling data center information.

UCSD Envision Maker Studio

Envision Staff

  • Aiding makerspace users in use of equipment such as 3D printing, soldering, tool usage, etc.


University of California - San Diego

October 2019 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Star Wars BB-8 Droid (W.I.P.)

As an avid fan of star wars, recreating the BB-8 droid from the recent movies is a project I am heavily interested in pursuing. I have created the webcam software with a web client and future plans include adding computer vision with openCV and of course movement of the head and body.

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Flamingo Journal

Lead a team to develop a Bullet Journaling web application that allows users to create and save personal journal entries. This project was completed using vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS. No external packages were used in this project and all components were made from scratch.

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Helping Hand

Prototyped a glove with a camera that aids blind people in finding objects in unknown areas. Used YOLO: Real-Time Object Detection (using AlwaysAI Framework) on a RPi 4 and Logitech webcam.

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